Soothe Your Crying Baby

Baby Troubles – Soothe Your Crying Baby

To help soothe your baby – why not try some of the following methods and see what comforts your baby the best, you may also find them relaxing too. It is important to remember that everyone is different and babies respond to different methods. It may be a case of trial and error… what doesn’t work well one day may be effective the next. The key is to persevere…

  • Try rocking your baby gently, holding them close so that they can feel your warmth or alternatively place them in a bouncing seat that will provide gentle movement.
  • Let them suck on your finger – this may help to comfort and also distract your baby.
  • Take them out for a walk in a pram or sling or alternatively, a drive in the car – the rhythm of the engine may help to soothe your baby.
  • Take time to wind your baby thoroughly by placing them on your shoulder and gently patting or rubbing their back.
  • Turn on the television, vacuum cleaner or tumble dryer – it may sound odd but the noise from such appliances can help to soothe and calm your baby.
  • Try baby massage – you may both find it relaxing. Baby massage has been practised for generations in many different countries. Skin contact makes babies feel safe and secure, and it is a simple way of showing affection. Massage has been found to help bonding and interaction between the parent and baby.
Did you know?
The main problem caused by colic is the stress and worry it causes parents.