Baby Bibs: An Essential Guide

Baby bibs are one of the most useful things you will have for your baby. They’re important and versatile, but it can become confusing as there are now so many different types and styles of bibs. So how do you know which baby bib you need to have in your nappy bag? Here’s an essential guide to baby bibs.

baby bibs


Types And Styles Of Bibs

With so many types of bibs available, it can be difficult to figure out which bib is the right one for you!


Newborn Baby Bibs

Newborn bibs are for babies under six months. They’re smaller than a regular bib and have been designed for little necks. They’re usually made with super soft, absorbent material. This makes them perfect for sensitive skin, and absorbent enough to catch any spills, or spit-up.


Teething Baby Bibs

Teething bibs have been designed for babies who are teething. They’re a bit more absorbent than regular bibs, which means that they are ideal for mopping up the drool of teething.


Feeding Bibs

Feeding baby bibs are designed for older babies who are moving onto solid foods. These bibs tend to be waterproof, and are designed to withstand stains, spills and mess. There are a few different materials, but silicone versions are very popular as they can be wiped clean.


Smock Style Baby Bibs

Smock bibs aren’t always the most popular, but they are incredibly useful. They’re available in long and short sleeved versions, and completely cover your little one’s upper body. They’re usually made from a water-resistant material and are typically machine washable. Smock style bibs are perfect for messy eaters, and for covering up for paints and crafts.


When Can You Use Bibs

If you have the right sized bib for the age of your baby, you can use bibs from birth. Many parents use bibs when feeding their babies as it catches any spilled milk, or spit-up. It can also be helpful to use a bib when your little one is teething. Babies tend to drool quite a bit when they’re teething, and a bib can help to keep them clean and dry. However, babies should not sleep with their bibs on.


Is It Safe To Use Bibs?

As long as baby bibs are used under supervision, and are taken off before your little one sleeps, then it’s perfectly safe to use a bib. Check the bibs regularly for signs of wear and tear.


Are Bibs A Necessity?

Using a bib is up to you, and it is your decision. However, they are useful and convenient, so for many parents this makes them a necessity.


How Many Baby Bibs Will You Need?

The exact number of bibs you’ll need depends on your little one, your feeding routines, and your laundry routines. There is no right or wrong amount, but you may want to start with 5 bibs and see how you go from there