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Healthcare Professionals

About Infacol

Infacol (simeticone 40mg per 1ml) is an oral suspension and its therapeutic indications are for the relief of griping pain, colic or wind due to swallowed air. It is suitable for use from birth onwards.

Simeticone is an antiflatulent and works by altering the elasticity of interfaces of mucus-embedded bubbles in the GI tract. This helps to break down or coalesce the gas bubbles and in this form, gas is more easily passed.

The method of administration is via an integrated dropper, with 20mg (0.5ml) administered before each feed directly on to the baby’s tongue. The amount can be increased to 40mg (1ml) if needed. Infacol can be given at every feed. Treatment with Infacol may provide a progressive improvement in symptoms over several days.

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