Support for use of Infacol

Support for use of Infacol

Recent real-world evidence1 showed that Infacol’s use was associated with a reduction in pain symptoms in 9/10 babies, with 7/10 babies showing same day results (when treated for suspected colic with Infacol).

Infacol was shown to offer a well tolerated and reliable means of treating the symptoms of infant colic’ in a double-blind randomised placebo-controlled crossover study involving 26 children between the ages of one week and three months.2

NICE3 suggests a week-long trial of simeticone in the management of infant colic, only if parents feel unable to cope despite advice and reassurance. For more details on the peer-reviewed real-world evidence paper please click here.


1 Goldman, Beaumont, A real world evaluation of an oral treatment for infant colic based on the experience and perceptions of 4004 parents, British Journal of Nursing 2017, Vol 26. No 5 (Suppl 1)

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