How to Cope with Christmas Stress

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year, but it can also bring on the most stress. Sometimes, trying to get organised for Christmas can leave you feeling overwhelmed. These tips and tricks may make it easier for you to cope with Christmas stress.


christmas stress


Plan Ahead

One of the reasons why Christmas can be so stressful, and overwhelming is because it can feel like there’s so much to do. There’s presents to buy, and wrap, parties to attend, family and friends to catch up with, and the Christmas dinner. Planning ahead, week-by-week, can help you stay organised, and help you cope with the stress of the season.  Some people find it helpful to keep a diary, or a Christmas organiser notebook. It can help you keep track of what you’ve bought, where you’re going, and keep track of your spending and budget.


Plan for Breaks

If you plan to attend to some Christmas event every day of the week, it can become very overwhelming very quickly. Instead try to plan for at least one day per week when you don’t have something that needs to be done, or an event you need to go to. Plan to have some time for yourself. Spend a night at home, watch a movie, or read a book. Do something that is just for you.


Plan Something for January

Some people find it easier to cope with the stress of the Christmas season if they have something to look forward to in January. Plan to go to a restaurant you’ve been dying to try or plan a day to sit down with a book to read. It can help you to get through December and look forward to January.


Spend Time with Loved Ones

Try to plan in some time to spend with your loved ones. It doesn’t have to be for a long time or need a lot of work. You could meet up for a coffee, go for lunch, or go for a walk. Some people prefer to see their families and friends over Christmas with a ‘pot-luck’ type evening. If everyone is responsible for one dish, then it makes it easier and less stressful on everyone.


Learn to Say No

Don’t feel obliged to say yes to every invite, or every request. You should say no to some of them. If you say yes to too many things, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed, and feeling like you’re not accomplishing anything. Say no to some things, and it will make you feel better and more capable with the things you say yes to.


Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Comparing yourself to others isn’t helpful and will likely increase any feelings of stress, and panic. It can then become easy to start over-spending, and panic buying. Looking at other people’s social media can also cause feelings of stress, and inadequacy. It’s important to remember that what people post on social media is not necessarily what their lives are actually like.