How To Dress A Newborn In Summer

How to dress a newborn in summer is one of the questions many new parents have at this time of year. We’re all hoping for a good summer, but new parents will also be wondering what clothes to dress their new bundle of joy in to keep them protected. You want them to be comfortable – not too hot and not too cool.



Light Layers

Light layers are words you will hear a lot when it comes to learning how to dress a newborn in summer. Light layers are essential because you can add and remove layers as needed. You want to dress your little one for the summer, but as our weather can be tricky, you also need to be prepared for sudden temperature changes. Light layers is really the only way to do this, so your baby is comfortable no matter what the weather decides to do.

The materials that your little one is dressed in matters as well. Always look for natural, breathable fabrics.


Watch For Discomfort

If you’re out and about with your newborn, check for any signs of discomfort. On really warm days, this could mean looking for warm skin, heat rash, tiredness, or unusual irritability. You may also want to keep your newborn inside on really warm days and at peak sunlight times, and if you do go outside, make sure you’re under a shade and not in direct sunlight. On warm days, keep the blanket off the pram, and use a canopy or shade instead. It’s important to avoid exposing your little one to the sun directly, especially as sunscreen isn’t suitable for babies under six months.


White Cotton

White cotton bodysuits, or white cotton onesies might be all you need to know about how to dress a newborn in summer. Cotton is breathable, and white is known to be one of the better colours to wear on sunny days. You can add a layer if you need to, but there’s no reason why you can’t take your little one out in their pram in a onesie, if that’s how they’re most comfortable.



Lightweight, loose cotton shorts can make your newborn look more ‘dressed’, but they won’t add too much heat. Your baby’s legs will also be exposed which can help keep them cool.


Add A Hat

In summer, a sunhat is an essential item of clothing. As with all newborn clothes, natural, and breathable materials are best. Your little one should have a sunhat on, even if they are outside in the shade.


How To Dress A Newborn In Summer Inside

If you’re planning on staying inside as much as possible, remember that the temperature in your home might not match the temperature outside. If it’s hot outside, most of us will try to make our homes cool. In this case, you need to dress your baby for the temperature of the house. This may mean that you need to add a light jumper, or a very light sleepsuit over your little one’s onesie.

This advice applies to bedtime as well. Dress your newborn for the temperature of your home at night. If it runs cold, you may need to add a layer to your little one in order to keep them comfortable.