New Parents Survival Kit: Essentials For The First Few Weeks

New parents survival kit boxes may have once been a joke gift, but they can also be a lifeline for the first few weeks. It can be a big help to organise this in the weeks before you give birth, so that when you and your little bundle of joy come home from the hospital, all you need to focus on is bonding, and learning your new routine.


New Parents Survival Kit


Bath Salts

Bath salts can be very helpful for new mums. They can help promote healing after labour, but more than that, it’s really important that you take a little time to try to relax. Even 15 minutes in the bath can help you destress, and chill out.


Dry Shampoo

Washing your hair could be the last thing on your mind, and dry shampoo will be your friend. It can help your hair look clean and fresh for a few days between washes.



A supply of snacks for your new parents survival kit is a lifesaver. Try to go for healthy snacks, but also look for ones that are convenient. Anything that requires any sort of preparation might seem a little too exhausting. Healthy snacks are obviously better for you, but if your body says you need chocolate, don’t feel guilty about having a little.


Water Bottle

Keeping a water bottle close by is always a good idea, but the water bottle you used before the baby might not be the right one for your new parents survival kit. Look for one with a straw rather than a screw top as it will be easier to open one-handed. You might want to buy a few of them so you can keep one in each of the most used areas of your home.


Frozen meals

Batch cooking might be the last thing you want to do in the last few weeks of pregnancy, but ask your partner, or family to do this for you. If there’s nobody you could ask, load up on freezer meals, or meal kits that don’t need much work from the supermarket.


Takeaway Menus

Another thing you could have in your new parents survival kit are takeaway menus from your local areas. There will be times when even popping a pre-prepared meal into the oven seems overwhelming, so let yourself off the hook and order takeaway. You can use an app, but it can be helpful to have paper copies to hand as well.