Tips for families to unwind and have fun this spring

This year has been very stressful for everyone, between working from home, home schooling, and even just hearing the news on TV. It’s a good idea to make sure to take some time for you and your family to unwind and have fun this Spring! Here are some tips for activities and ideas of how to relax and enjoy yourselves.


tips for families to unwind and have fun this spring


Cooking can be fun if you make it that way, and lots of kids love to take part! You could find a new recipe to try together, or use a trusted favourite. Give everyone a job in the kitchen based on their age and ability. Perhaps younger kids could help set the table, or help with measuring ingredients. Older kids could be in charge of a side dish. The kids will be learning a skill, and spending time as a family together can be relaxing.


Board Games

Organise an at home board game tournament! You can use board games you already have, or try a new one. A lot of well-known board games have junior versions for younger kids. There’s also games available for toddlers so everyone can get involved. You could make it interesting by offering the winner a ‘Get Out Of Jail Free Card’ so they get a day free of chores.


Listen to an audiobook

Reading is pretty much a solitary activity, unless you have very small children. Audiobooks can involve the whole family. You could try listening to Harry Potter, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, or Matilda. You can even access audiobooks for free from most library services – visit your county library’s website or visit a branch when they’re open and safe to find out more.



Meditation has many stress relieving benefits, and it can also help children. You can find a meditation podcast, and gather everyone together. Meditating before bed can help children relax, and help them get a better night’s sleep.


Get Creative

Arts and crafts are fun, and when you combine them with some family time, they can be very rewarding. You could make DIY lava lamps using a bottle, water, food colouring, vegetable oil and salt or baking soda and vinegar. You could also try using fabric paints on white T-shirts, pillowcases or duvet covers. Make sure you read the instructions on the fabric paints.


Go for a walk

Walking can be a stress reliever and chance to unwind, so gather your troops and go for a walk! Make sure to keep the restrictions in your area in mind as you choose where to go. Plan the length of the walk based on the capabilities of all members of your family. Don’t go further than everyone is capable of, as carrying a tired child the whole way back to the house is definitely not relaxing.


Date Night

Make plans with your partner to do something together when the kids are in bed. Perhaps one night a week, you could have dinner together without the kids. Maybe you could watch a movie together, or start a new series on Netflix. It doesn’t matter what you do, it just matters that you do it together.


Take Time To Yourself

It’s really important that you take time to yourself. Sometimes, we just need to pause, and have a little alone time. You could try having a bubble bath, reading a book, or maybe enrolling in a short course online. Find something that you can do for yourself, for your own enjoyment alone.