Traditional Baby Names Making A Comeback

Traditional baby names are making a comeback. In fact, some historians say that names are on a 100-year cycle, and the popularity of some names peaks every century. Girl’s names, in particular, come around in the same form as they were before, however boy’s names often come back in a nickname form. Frederick has regained popularity as Freddie, while Archibald has transformed to Archie. Here are some traditional baby names that have made a comeback, and their meanings.

baby names making a comeback


Traditional Names For Baby Girls

1. Joan – A beautiful name meaning ‘God is Gracious’, or ‘God’s Gracious Gift’. It’s a female form of the name John and is Hebrew in origin. A famous Joan would be Joan of Arc.

2. Mary – Mary is derived from Miriam. It means ‘beloved’ or ‘rebellious’. Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein, is a famous Mary.

3. Margaret – Margaret is an English name, and it means ‘pearl’. Margaret Mitchell is a famous author with this name.

4. Dorothy – Dorothy is a name of Greek origin, and it means ‘Gift of God’. American poet, Dorothy Parker, is a famous Dorothy, known for her poetry and her wit.

5. Gladys – Gladys is a Welsh name, meaning Country. The most famous Gladys is probably American singer Gladys Knight.

6. Irene – Irene is a name with Greek origins. It means peace. Singer Irene Cara is one of the most famous Irenes.

7. Iris – Iris also has Greek origins, and the meaning behind this name is ‘colourful’, ‘rainbow’. Iris Murdoch, novelist, is one of the most famous people with the name Iris.

8. Elsie – Elsie is a German origin name and is a diminutive form of the name Elizabeth. Elsie Bowerman was a barrister, suffragette, and a Titanic survivor.

9. Ada – Ada was a diminutive form of names beginning with Ade, like Adelaide. Now Ada is a name in its own right. It has German origins and means ‘happy’ or ‘noble’. Ada Lovelace is the most famous Ada, and is known for her work as a mathematician, and is considered to be the first computer programmer – even though her death was long before the first computer was invented.

10. Mabel – Mabel is an English name, and it means ‘lovable’. Mabel Chee is a current model with this name.


Traditional Names For Baby Boys

1. Ronald – Ronald has English or Scottish origins. It means ‘counsel rule’. Ronald Reagan is one of the most famous Ronald’s.

2. Arthur – Arthur has Welsh origins and means ‘bear’. Arthur Miller was a famous playwright, and one of Marilyn Monroe’s husbands.

3. Robert – Robert is an English name that means ‘bright fame’. Robert Redford is a famous Robert.

4. Albert – Albert is a name of English origin, and it means ‘noble’, ‘bright’. It was a very popular name in the Royal Family, but also well-known from Albert Einstein.

5. Freddie – Freddie is thought to be an American diminutive form of Frederick, which has English origins. Frederick means ‘peaceful ruler’, while Freddie means ‘peace ruler’. Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen is one of the most well-known Freddies.

6. Edward – Edward is an English name, and it means ‘wealthy guardian’. It’s another name popular in the Royal Family, but there’s also Eddie Murphy, Edward Norton, and Edward Herrmann.

7. Archie – Archie has German origins and was often used as a diminutive form of Archibald. It means ‘archer’, or ‘truly bold’. Prince Harry’s first child is called Archie.

8. Ernest – Ernest is an English name, and it means ‘earnest’. Ernest Hemmingway is a famous Ernest.

9.Isaac – Isaac has Hebrew origins, and it means ‘he will laugh’. Scientist Sir Isaac Newton is one of the most well-known Isaacs.

10. Harris – Harris is an English name, and one that means ‘son of Harry’. Well-known people with the name Harris include Harris Armstrong, an American architect, and Harris Wittels, a comedy writer.