Celebrating Your Family’s First Mother’s Day

Your first Mother’s Day is a bit of a milestone in your little one’s first year. It’s a wonderful day to celebrate your new family dynamic, and this new stage of your life. Celebrating your family’s first Mother’s Day should be exciting, relaxing, or whatever you need it to be. Try some of these ideas to make it a day to remember.



Starting the Day

Start the day in whatever way you need. If you need a lie in, have one. If you want breakfast in bed, do it! If you want to go for a quiet early morning walk or run, go for it. It’s Mother’s Day so it’s all about you. If you want something to have as a keepsake for the first Mother’s Day, maybe drop some hints about a personalised mug, plate, or bowl for the first Mother’s Day breakfast.


Take Photos

Make sure you take plenty of photos throughout the day. Take some selfies, and ask other people to take some photos as well. You don’t need an expensive camera to get a brilliant photo. Most smartphones have very good cameras these days. However, if real film photography is your thing, do it. You’ll be able to keep photographic memories forever.


Arts and Crafts

You can still do some arts and crafts with your little one, no matter how little they are. You can do hand and footprints together. These can make a really wonderful keepsake of your first Mother’s Day together.



Fresh flowers can bring a lot of colour and fragrance to your home. They’re beautiful, so you can ask for your favourite flowers, or just buy them yourself. There’s no reason why you can’t celebrate yourself, or what you’ve achieved.

If you’re allergic to pollen, there are so many artificial flowers that look amazingly real. They will also last forever, whereas real flowers should last for around a week.



Make a special photobook of your first experience as a new mother. Take all of your best photos and create a magical memory book. It’s really easy to do online, and some photobook apps can even take your pics from your Facebook and Instagram accounts.


Eat and Be Merry

A Mother’s Day meal can be as extravagant or as relaxed as you want it to be. If you want to eat at your favourite restaurant, book a table. If you’d prefer to cook yourself, plan out your favourite meal. If you want someone else to cook, ask them to make something special. If you want to order in, do that. It’s Mother’s Day, so it’s all about you.



It’s not rude to be a little clear about what you expect, or don’t expect in terms of gifts. In fact, for some couples, clear communication about whether to buy gifts, and what exactly to buy is the best way to make sure you’re on the same page and everyone is happy with the gift giving (or no gift) situation and avoid any disappointments.

Some mothers like to mark their first Mother’s Day with a sentimental piece of jewellery. Others would prefer a more practical gift. Others prefer not to have a gift, but have an experience day, such as a photo shoot with their baby.


Write a Journal

Journalling can be hugely beneficial to your mental health, but it’s also a wonderful way to write down your memories, major milestones, and moments of your new role as a mum. You can use any notebook to journal, or you can look for a more special, decorated version. If it seems like a little too much work alongside your baby, try a one line per day journal. As well as making it a wonderful memory for you, it’s something you can pass to your child when they’re all grown up.


It’s All About You

Remember that this day is all about you, and what you want. If you want to have a little time to yourself, that’s fine. If you want to take your little one to the park, that’s fine too. Let others know how to help you, and plan the celebration that suits you and your family.