Spring Self Care Tips For Busy Parents

Spring can be a busy time for us all, but it’s important to remember that self care is essential. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, children, work, and everything else. However, it’s not healthy, and it can lead to burnout. Have a look at our Spring self care tips for busy parents.


Spring Self Care



Take a breath. Breathing exercises can help clear your mind. You can also try deep breathing exercises before bedtime to help you get a better night’s sleep.


Celebrate Positive Relationships

Celebrate the positive relationships in your life. You could do this by simply meeting up for a coffee, or you could write them a note letting them know how thankful you are for this relationship. You can give them the note, or if you don’t feel entirely comfortable doing that, you could write it in a journal. Journaling is a fantastic way to organise your thoughts and regroup.



Any physical activity is good for you, but if it gets you out in fresh air, nature, and a less stressful environment, it’s good for your body and your mind. Try going for a walk, even if it’s only a short walk.


Find Your Thing To Relax

Find the thing that makes you relax and gives you a little escapism. If that’s reading a book, or listening to an audiobook, make time to do that. Perhaps, for you, it’s arts and crafts, so get crafty. It’s doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, it just needs to give you something else to focus on.


Have A Pamper Day

Take a day to pamper yourself. This can be whatever pampering means for you. For some, it may be a DIY spa at home, with a relaxing bath, a face mask and a hair mask. For others, it might mean a trip to the spa, or going to have your nails done. It doesn’t matter what it is that makes you feel pampered, it matters that you take the time to do it.



Baking can be a really great outlet for stress and feeling overwhelmed. It’s also really fun to eat the end result. Check out some cookbooks, or websites for some baking inspiration.


Visit Your Friends

Spending adult time with your friends can help you relax and de-stress. Meet up for a coffee, lunch, dinner, or hang out and watch Netflix. It doesn’t matter what you do, it only matters that you spend some time with adults, and without children, if possible.



You’ll have heard it before but drinking plenty of water is extremely important. Drinking enough water throughout the day impacts the quality of your sleep, your focus and your concentration.



If you’re feeling overwhelmed, and that you can’t cope, there is absolutely no shame in seeking therapy. A counsellor can help you make sense of your world, work through your stresses, and find ways to make sure that you take time for yourself.