Newborn Poo: A Guide To Your First Day

Newborn poo is one of the things that you know you’ll be dealing with, but you might not have given it much thought. You might not have thought about what’s normal for babies, especially newborns. However, what your newborn’s poo looks like can give you a good indication of their health and development.

newborn poo


Normal Newborn Poo

Normal poo for babies can really change from nappy to nappy. It can depend on what they’ve had to eat, or what you’ve had to eat. However, there are a few guidelines that indicate that your little one is in good health.



The first few newborn poos are meconium. It’s a thick, sticky consistency, and is usually a dark green or black colour. It can look a bit like tar and it’s perfectly normal. It’s made of things like skin cells, and amniotic fluid, things that your baby may have ingested before or during birth. It can take a few days for this all to pass out of your baby’s system, but you will notice the meconium becoming lighter in colour, and not as thick in consistency. You should expect your little one to have their first meconium poo within 48 hours of birth.


After Meconium

After the meconium has passed, there can still be a lot of difference in your little one’s nappies.

– Breastfed babies – Breastfed babies often have poo that is a mustardy yellow colour. It can be slightly runny and may have a bit of a grainy consistency. It should have little to no smell.

– Formula fed babies – Formula fed babies often have pale brown, or yellowy green poo. It tends to be firmer, and more formed than breastfed baby poo. It can also have more of a smell.

– Weaning – When weaning, your little one’s stool will become firmer, darker, and can have more of a smell.


Green Poo

Around day 3 and 4, your baby’s poo may change from a dark colour to a greenish colour. They could have 2 or more of these green poos each day. As long as your baby is otherwise happy and content, green poo isn’t usually a cause for concern. You can speak with your GP, or your health visitor if you feel concerned.


Red Poo

Traces of red in your little one’s poo may need to be checked by your doctor. However, it can be down to harmless causes as well. Sometimes it can be due to your little one swallowing some blood during your delivery.


Black Poo

Black poo after meconium may need to be investigated by your healthcare professionals. However, it can be due to something you or your little one has eaten.


White Or Pale Poo

White, or very pale poo is rare, but it should be seen by a doctor as it can be a symptom of liver problems. This type of poo would need to be treated by your healthcare providers.