Baby Shower: Fun Ideas For Celebrating Your Little One’s Arrival

A baby shower is a fun way to celebrate the new arrival to your family. But like any party planning, it can be a bit stressful, and difficult to come up with fun ideas to celebrate. We’ve put together some fun ideas and some FAQs to make your baby shower fun, and stress-free.
baby shower


Who Plans And Hosts A Baby Shower?

Anyone can plan and host the baby shower. Sometimes mums-to-be prefer to plan and host their own baby shower, some may prefer someone else to do it. It’s whatever you’re comfortable with.


When To Hold The Baby Shower?

Some people prefer to have their baby showers during the third trimester of pregnancy. Others prefer to have the party during the second trimester. It really depends on what the expectant mother is comfortable with.


Where To Host A Baby Shower?

Essentially the answer to this is wherever you want. Some people prefer to have their baby shower at home, others prefer going to a restaurant, or a function room.


Who Should Be Invited?

Whether you’re planning a shower for yourself, or for a friend, keep the invite list to close friends and family.



A Shower For Both Parents – Baby showers are often seen as being a party for mum and her female friends and family, but why not invite dad and dad’s friends too. Go for neutral decor, and more couple style games.

Mum Only Gifts – This is a great idea for a baby shower for a second or third time mum. Instead of bringing baby gifts, everyone brings a gift that is just for mum. It could be something for use during the pregnancy, or something for use after the little one has been born. Think things like a new book, maternity pyjamas, relaxing bath products, or a gift voucher for a cleaning service.

Pamper Party – A pamper focused baby shower could be the perfect party. There are services that can come to your home to provide maternity massages, manicures, pedicures, facials, and other beauty treatments that will be safe during pregnancy.

Afternoon Tea – An afternoon tea themed shower can be lots of fun. You could book an afternoon tea at your favourite restaurant, or plan one in your own home. You could theme it around all things regency and sophisticated, or if mum-to-be likes Alice in Wonderland, it could be more like the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Either way, it will definitely be fun!

Make Something – A fun activity is if all the guests contribute to one big craft. It could be t-shirt making for mum, or something to add to the baby’s room like wall art. Whatever the craft is, get everyone involved.

No Cards – Instead of everyone bringing a congratulations card for the mum to be, why not have everyone bring a copy of their favourite book instead. It could be that everyone brings a book for mum to read, or perhaps everyone brings their favourite children’s book and begins a library for the little one.

Special Video – Another fun baby shower idea is if you make a video recording, and the guests all contribute. It could be that they tell their favourite memory of the mum-to-be, or read the baby their favourite story, or offer mum the best advice that they got whilst they were pregnant. Whatever it is, it will create a wonderful memory to keep forever.

Themes – If mum knows what she’s having, the shower can be themed around the baby. However, you can still stay away from the traditional pink and blue ideas. Perhaps for a girl, the theme could be Wonder Woman, Unicorns or Mermaids. For a boy, the theme could be Moustaches, Superman, or something nautical. If you want to have a more neutral theme, think about things like a safari themed party, or Winnie-the-Pooh.